Chocolate Crackling Pecan

18.00 лв

All colors are achieved with fruits and natural products

We're going to explain the flavors of our chocolates as dances, because we need to find a comparison anyway, and the world of chocolate is too cryptic to find it there.

Hmmmm, it's actually quite simple. Do you remember how sometimes you don't feel like going out? Tucked away at home, maybe a glass of wine, maybe nothing else. Only those obnoxious bothers next to you grumble. And you don't say no, even though you want to scream no. You're going to a familiar place, you've been a thousand times. Now you're wondering why you came at all. Then they play Brimful of Asha and, now that's good, it's good. You know it's a song whose sole reason is to make you happy, and it does make you happy. Then they play one, on which you can only now hear what they are actually singing. Then one that was the big deal in high school, and we all, actually, listened to the most music in high school. Then they change the tempo a bit and then what happened that there is no mention of the poor, only give, give, give. You wave your arms, do the diver. Let the snuggles and glasses of wine settle, you, you, you are King and the world is full of subjects.

Chocolate Crackling Pecan

18.00 лв

Frequently Asked Questions


At the moment we deliver only in Bulgaria.


Please do not refrigerate — best at room temperature without sharp amplitudes.


Please, please, please, do not refrigerate our candies or leave them in the sun. They just spoil and become like the hearts on the left.


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