Like any train, this one doesn't stop easily. Pavel and Daria met years ago, quickly realized that they understood each other and agreed to work together at one point. One conquest of Scandinavia by Pavel and the Fatherland by Daria later, the two are now a tandem based in Sofia.

Pavel and Daria's mission is to prove to themselves that Bulgaria can be a haven for the innovative, the extravagant, the added-value and the well-thought-out.

For Pavel and Daria, this is a mission, not just a road.

She once made a power ranger pasta dress. Another time tarator gels. Otherwise, everyday just hates manji.

makes us look good

She did a million push-ups once because he could. Another time he brought us from his grandfather's crokmach. Otherwise, he laughs every time.

add delicious to delicious

Once she started asking a question and never stopped. Another time she was a classmate with Pavel from the TOH in Bankya. Otherwise, he is careful every day, because if one does not take care of us all, we will all be haymans.

makes us tick

She was once a republican champion in acrobatics. Another time she is a Republican Gymkhana Champion (google it). Otherwise, every day is republican in juggling the world.

works half the boss

She once sang Grafa (hello, Vladi) to himself while filling out the forms to the millisecond. Another time she jumped off a cliff into a river without being able to swim. Otherwise, every day she says: "okay, come on".


He once bought a ticket to a match of the national team in the hope that we would at least beat Moldova and he would get at least a little thick. Yes, yes, but another time. Otherwise, every day he is surprised that "oh, a lot of traffic today, huh".


Once he dropped 36 kilos of dragees while pushing them to the warehouse. Another time he dragged his feet and made people believe in the future. Otherwise, every day he listens to some Tubtsi-Tubtsi, which he calls music.

quite the boss

Once he was on time with some texts and presentations, but only this once. Other times he had croaked and talked a lot of gibberish, but, alas, only this other time. Otherwise, he eats something sweet every day because "it can't be that good and harm me".

writes us nonsense


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