Chocolate Strawberry (vegan with natural sweetener)

21.00 лв

All colors are achieved with fruits and natural products

We're going to explain the flavors of our chocolates as dances, because we need to find a comparison anyway, and the world of chocolate is too cryptic to find it there.

It begins with a suggestive thought. A muffled whoop. Woom. Woom-woom. Little by little it becomes more frequent. Woom, woom, woom. Then it's like your ears are unclogged and suddenly you hear the whole mighty Woom in all its mighty glory. Right hand up. Feet firmly down. You jump. Your hand is flying. Your head moves horizontally, but your arm, legs and body move vertically. It's as if abundance, eloquence and laziness have come together and had a child. Woom. Woom-woom. You lose track of time, now vuom has track of your time. You don't know when this started and you have no idea if it will ever end. Woom, the floor is lava. Woom, the beat chants. Woom, the world and the brats and the nonsense are looking for you, but they can't find you. Woom, it all makes sense.

Chocolate Strawberry (vegan with natural sweetener)

21.00 лв

Frequently Asked Questions


At the moment we deliver only in Bulgaria.


Please do not refrigerate — best at room temperature without sharp amplitudes.


Please, please, please, do not refrigerate our candies or leave them in the sun. They just spoil and become like the hearts on the left.


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